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Innovative Thinking. Creative Problem Solving.

At Virt-University, we have problems...which is great news if you are ready to develop your creative problem solving and innovative thinking skills.  Virt-U is a virtual video world consisting or our campus and the nearby city.  And we are all having problems which have been captured on video and collected at the VIRT-UNIVERISTY YouTube channel. We are just waiting for web, social-media, app, mobile and technology-based ideas to help us solve them. By using the videos and their discussion questions, you can practice your critical listening and observation, requirements gathering and creative problem-solving skills by designing innovative solutions for our problems.

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The Creativity College features individuals and companies that are having problems.  And sometimes, they are don't even understand their own problems.  So its up to you to critically observe and listen their scenarios, so that you can identify their problems and think of creative approaches to solving them.



The Coding College contains videos that depict problem-based scenarios ready to be analyzed and implemented. They can be used to build requirements gathering, algorithm design, program design and coding skills.  The Coding College also includes topic-based coding videos and videos for novice Python programmers.

The Coaching College videos feature scenarios designed to prompt discussions related to ethics and business practices.

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